This will just be a brief note… It’s late and I’m at Dragon Con. I 3D-printed some makercoins and I’m handing them out as a sort of business card here at the con. They are a much smaller version of the SHIELD patch I made for the costume and printed in black/white color-changing PLA and black PLA. If you got one, I hope you like it! It was awesome meeting RPF people in person and I hope see you again during the con.

As you can see, there haven’t been many updates recently. It’s mostly┬ábecause I have been so busy with other things (than writing), but it might be soon time for me to write┬ásome more posts to the Black Widow costume series… I have made a couple of new upgrades again and there are quite a few older ones that I haven’t described yet either.

If you like these posts or would like to contact me for other reasons, send me a message here or on the RPF.

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