This will just be a brief note… It’s late and I’m at Dragon Con. I 3D-printed some makercoins and I’m handing them out as a sort of business card here at the con. They are a much smaller version of the SHIELD patch I made for the costume and printed in black/white color-changing PLA and black PLA. If you got one, I hope you like it! It was awesome meeting RPF people in person and I hope see you again during the con.

As you can see, there haven’t been many updates recently. It’s mostly because I have been so busy with other things (than writing), but it might be soon time for me to write some more posts to the Black Widow costume series… I have made a couple of new upgrades again and there are quite a few older ones that I haven’t described yet either.

If you like these posts or would like to contact me for other reasons, send me a message here or on the RPF.

Do Robots Read Blogs?

Most (maybe all) of the (few) subscribers of this blog appeared to be bots with potentially nefarious purposes, so I installed ReCaptcha on the site and will soon delete all the registered users. If I deleted your account and you are a real person, you have my sincerest apologies and I hope you will have the patience to subscribe again.

Here We Go!

It has been a while since the first post, but I assure you, I haven’t been idle. In fact, I have prepared a series of posts, which will start appearing on this site soon. The current plan is to post new articles on Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, so at that rate it would take over two weeks to post the whole series.

I found it really difficult to pick a name for the blog. In the end, I just chose to try to be a bit funny & witty and not focus too much on what the content is going to be. I picked the Tiga nickname on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) in 1993 and since then have also used it among certain groups of friends, on BatMUD and World of Warcraft and other games. There’s no connection with the Canadian DJ. I just needed a nickname really quickly and it was the brand name of a windsurfing board I had at the time, so I went with that. I think the windsurfing brand got it from the name of an island in New Caledonia. I kind of like what the urban dictionary says about it.

Then there’s the song of course… I watched the video on Youtube and oh boy did it look dated now. The song is still pretty cool though and a definite classic.

Anyway, welcome to the blog…we’ll start with the series on putting together a cosplay costume, but there’s no telling where this will lead. Let’s think of this as an adventure of some sort…