To Infinity, and Not a Parsec Beyond

I have been quite active on the Black Widow Cosplay Community on Facebook. I liked the new eskrima stick weapons introduced for Black Widow for Infinity War and when Vanity Fair published some high quality still photographs of the new costume and props, I started working on an Infinity War version of Black Widow.

I’m probably not going to write blog posts on how I made the costume, but I think it makes sense for me to post links to my MyMinifactory profile page, where you will find STL files for 3D printing many of the required props for that costume:

As of this writing, you can find models for the sticks, the backpack, the widow bite wrists, the shoulder, elbow and knee pads and some models for the tactical belt.

Also, a South African web site asked me to write about some of the designs and they published an article on these props, which you can find here:

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